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~Alla Nazimova~1919

Nazimova-at-tableAlla Nazimova Russian silent film actress, who emigrated to the United States in 1905

Alla Nazimova “Stronger Than Death,” ca. 1919. (the same year grandparents became proprietors of Cooks Falls Lodge)

Russian silent film actress, who emigrated to the United States in 1905.  Researching tomorrow If she traveled on the same vessel, The Carpathia. 


It is the mammoth and historically gorgeous one my grandmother and family crossed over half the world on to their new home, The City of New York, America in 1905. 

Same year, leaving Russia, traveling first to Liverpool.  On the same ship in regards to “The Titanic” and final voyage.  Alla Nazimova would have been 26 years old.  Twenty years senior to my grandmother.  She was a unique woman in areas.  And never forgotten.  

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~Mountain Lake~on property~

© Cooks Falls Lodge 2014

“Mountain Lake” 1910. “Cooks Falls Lodge” property, Cooks Falls, NY.  Behind the hotel. 

I have the sweetest captures of my grandmother, mother and uncle on this lake in 1936, rowing a boat and just drifting.  My mother was 4.  My uncle 7.  The last year as proprietors.  17 years, now the past.  Over in a wisp.❤️

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~Broadway & Canal Street ~City of New York~Family settled down in a beautiful bustling neighborhood. Emigrating in 1905 from Russia at 6 years young, our grandmother’s new home.

broadway at canalstnyc1917

Broadway at Canal St. Dec. 1917, My grandmother’s neighborhood is busy at ground level!

By now in 1917, my Great Grandfather had started, did well and ended his pushcart business in 1910.  It took 4yrs., from arrival.  The family now had their own store “Alexander’s Hardware”.  It stayed open for business and friendships built with customers continued, for 83 yrs. 

(A “New York Times” article of the stores closing after 83 yrs. in 1993 ) click link below…  (link does not work now.  I’ll try to repair this)

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East Broadway and Rutgers Street, ca. 1907.  Off Canal Street.  My Grandmother’s family made the voyage from Russia in 1905. (she was 6 and had siblings) They lived at 11 Rutgers St. NYC.  Their father made the journey in 1904, to make a home and start a new  business, try to learn English and understand America, a new home.
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canal street broadway 1836

Broadway and Canal Street, City of New York, ca. 1836  #genealogy

New_York,_Bridge_at_Broadway_and_Canal_Street_1811Stone Bridge, Broadway at Canal Street1811

New York Bridge, City of New York, ca. 1811, Broadway and Canal Street


~The hamlet of Cooks Falls NY.~ & the Cooks Falls Train Depot


Cooks Falls train depot
c. early 1900’s
Cooks Falls, NY
I always loved the train. When I was a kid, we took them plenty in NYC, but also in the country from the city and back home to Ct. when we moved there in 62. Picking up at Brewster, NY to the city and vice versa.  Grandmother lived in Lake Carmel and aunts and uncles lived all around that area of the countryside.  Wonderful times. The trains were fun in the 60’s 🙂  Would love to have been on them in earlier times and dress, like in these postcard when they were decked out a bit and cleaner…romantic feeling!

1908cooksfalls.jpgYou can barely see the top towers of Cooks Falls Lodge at the far (middle of capture) mountain grade, across river of the postcard. ( 1/2  mile away)

Geo. I. Treyz General Store, Post Office, buildings and the Cooks Fall’s Train Depot!!


The train depot has been preserved as a private home, it looks fabulous!!

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A few homes still on the edge of property built in 1900-1902 by Geo I. Treyz

cflpropertyrighthandnow.jpgWhen my research led me to these homes, on the very edge of Cooks Falls Lodge property, still standing. (right hand corner of aerial photo)

I smiled and frowned.  Geo. I. Treyz built these homes in the hamlet, between 1900-1902. It was odd to correspond with the owners of the green house, but thrilling none the same (the house is for sale). He sold the Lodge to my grandparents in 1919.  #1900s  #thecatskills #hamlet #cooksfalls #beaverkillriver #geneaology

Howard Carter and Tutankhamun’s Tomb


Howard Carter and Tutankhamun’s Tomb
I have been thinking of how so many take so much for granted (and wanting more more more) in the year, 2015 (so new) and ANCIENT EGYPT has been floating around my mind! They had so much in riches and still died…no matter what we can’t run we can’t hide…but we can bury ourselves with some of our wealth if we choose ! NEVER COMPARING TO KING TUT OF COURSE! So many important historical digs are taking place in the area at this time. I had desired being an Archaeologist when I was younger and only recently my mother told me my grandfather did too.  He lived in the time of the 1924 King Tut dig and my grandparents were very interested in all the news.  Living in NYC, the circle was of a higher social society (it was all the rage) !! Would have gone there with him…had he gone.  JA/2015 ( I’m getting cremated. )

1920’s ready for the swimming pool and private Mountain Lake on property…


I can only imagine how thrilled the guests at Cooks Falls Lodge felt, as they heard about the swimming pool (if they didn’t know ahead of time from the advertisements) a stunning lake, behind the gorgeous building, on property, #rowboats waiting!! ( I have photos of my grandmother, mother (she was 4) and uncle (he was 7) in their rowboat just lounging on the lake…preciously priceless ❤️ c. 1936  Taken by my grandfather I can assume ❤️ #heatwave #1920sfashion #artdeco #thecatskills #mountainlake #cookfalls #summer

an advertisement opening up summer home~1906


A model Summer home, 1/2 mile from station.  Free transportation.  Accommodations for 300. A strictly first-class hotel in every respect.  First-class table and service.  Large airy rooms; perfect sanitary arrangements; pure running hot and cold water in every room; forty rooms with private baths; six each of both ladies’ and gents’ toilets and baths on each floor; every convenience for comfort; electric bells, etc.  Beautiful location and surroundings; large private lake, stocked with native trout; plenty of round and flat bottom boats free.  Own casino, bowling alleys, dancing hall. Hall’s orchestra of N.Y. all season.  First class.  Write for illustrated booklet, which is as good as a personal visit.  V.A. FRANCISCO, Prop., COOKS FALLS, N.Y. 1906 *Grand Opening* Summer advertisement of his home, now a hotel

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~Two more Top Towers added~ ca. 1906

© Cooks Falls Lodge 2014

Mountain Lake House, Cooks Falls NY.  c. #1906 – AKA Cooks Falls Lodge. 

Now the two #top towers had been added (re: last post with one top tower) and in all her glory, she is open for business, no longer “simply” a residence.  Rare color postcard, the closest to what I assume are the buildings proper hues to the facades.  Some postcards are quite pink in comparison.  The casino to the right held #soirees, #theatre shows and those extraordinary special events, the Masquerade balls!! To the left, the M.E. Church.  GRAND!! The start of building *1899ishy…ongoing research, it opened for business in 1906.  No longer or ever again to be a private home.  #artnouveau #decorativearts #19thcentury. 1890*1910 #beauxarts

~One Top Tower~ ca. 1904

© Cooks Falls Lodge 2014

Mountain Lake House, #cooksfallsny.  c. #1904 – AKA Cooks Falls Lodge.

At this time, only one #toptower.  By #1906, there would be two more added, one at each end of the roof.  Clara is telling Will in Brooklyn, she is having a glorious time, enjoying beautiful weather. She is attending the #Masquerade tonight. Sweltering in August, just imagine. The hotel threw these extravagant #soirees all the way through my families proprietorship too (1919-1936) !! How elegant, how fun, #timetraveler dreamy!! 👸 #thecatskills