~Broadway & Canal Street ~City of New York~Family settled down in a beautiful bustling neighborhood. Emigrating in 1905 from Russia at 6 years young, our grandmother’s new home.

broadway at canalstnyc1917

Broadway at Canal St. Dec. 1917, My grandmother’s neighborhood is busy at ground level!

By now in 1917, my Great Grandfather had started, did well and ended his pushcart business in 1910.  It took 4yrs., from arrival.  The family now had their own store “Alexander’s Hardware”.  It stayed open for business and friendships built with customers continued, for 83 yrs. 

(A “New York Times” article of the stores closing after 83 yrs. in 1993 ) click link below… http://www.nytimes.com/1993/01/11/nyregion/strictly-business-a-cluttered-treasure-trove-closes.html  (link does not work now.  I’ll try to repair this)

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East Broadway and Rutgers Street, ca. 1907.  Off Canal Street.  My Grandmother’s family made the voyage from Russia in 1905. (she was 6 and had siblings) They lived at 11 Rutgers St. NYC.  Their father made the journey in 1904, to make a home and start a new  business, try to learn English and understand America, a new home.
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canal street broadway 1836

Broadway and Canal Street, City of New York, ca. 1836  #genealogy

New_York,_Bridge_at_Broadway_and_Canal_Street_1811Stone Bridge, Broadway at Canal Street1811

New York Bridge, City of New York, ca. 1811, Broadway and Canal Street


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