Howard Carter and Tutankhamun’s Tomb


Howard Carter and Tutankhamun’s Tomb
I have been thinking of how so many take so much for granted (and wanting more more more) in the year, 2015 (so new) and ANCIENT EGYPT has been floating around my mind! They had so much in riches and still died…no matter what we can’t run we can’t hide…but we can bury ourselves with some of our wealth if we choose ! NEVER COMPARING TO KING TUT OF COURSE! So many important historical digs are taking place in the area at this time. I had desired being an Archaeologist when I was younger and only recently my mother told me my grandfather did too.  He lived in the time of the 1924 King Tut dig and my grandparents were very interested in all the news.  Living in NYC, the circle was of a higher social society (it was all the rage) !! Would have gone there with him…had he gone.  JA/2015 ( I’m getting cremated. )

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