~The hamlet of Cooks Falls NY.~ & the Cooks Falls Train Depot


Cooks Falls train depot
c. early 1900’s
Cooks Falls, NY
I always loved the train. When I was a kid, we took them plenty in NYC, but also in the country from the city and back home to Ct. when we moved there in 62. Picking up at Brewster, NY to the city and vice versa.  Grandmother lived in Lake Carmel and aunts and uncles lived all around that area of the countryside.  Wonderful times. The trains were fun in the 60’s 🙂  Would love to have been on them in earlier times and dress, like in these postcard when they were decked out a bit and cleaner…romantic feeling!

1908cooksfalls.jpgYou can barely see the top towers of Cooks Falls Lodge at the far (middle of capture) mountain grade, across river of the postcard. ( 1/2  mile away)

Geo. I. Treyz General Store, Post Office, buildings and the Cooks Fall’s Train Depot!!


The train depot has been preserved as a private home, it looks fabulous!!

#cooksfalls #hamlet #vintagetrainstation #railroad #Ilovetrains

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