Month: January 2018

~~Happy Holidays from Cooks Falls Lodge~~

Copied from my Instagram page…

cflMountain Lake House Cooks Falls NY 1909.jpg

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM COOKS FALLS LODGE!! I appreciate each of you sharing my page with me. I’ve been lax with my posts of our gorgeous Western Catskills family hotel and property. I bet the holiday soirees were off the charts…my family knew how to throw a party! Mountain Lake Hotel would soon get a name change.
When I think about it, I’m blown away our family (my Mother’s parents and one of my Grandfather’s brothers) were Proprietors of this gorgeous Catskill NY. hotel/summer getaway for the family 1919-1936. My research in regards is some of the most extensive I have ever done! The different folks that have gotten ahold of me in turn, due to staying there, working there, family of the Master of Ceremony, a band leader’s son, a Geo.I.Treyz family member (he held the hand to transfer it to my family), all part of it’s glorious history. #familyhistorian #genealogy #familysecrets #cooksfalls #cooksfallsny #cooksfallslodge ⛄️ 🎄 💝 JA/2017 from my personal collection PLEASE DO NOT SHARE, OR COPY THIS PHOTO OR MY WORDS. Thanks 👌

cooksfallslodge@discovering_nyc thought I would share with you some of my own family history with this post. My grandparents and great uncle were living and working in NYC at the time c. 1919, and then this endeavor came to fruition to the splendor of proprietors in the Catskills. Sadly, it burnt down in 1985. My heart is in the city and the countryside and my yearning to get back home, rules each day. I live out west…for now. And have on/off for far too many years. When I get back home, your site will spark my days of curiosity and this I am truly grateful for!! Your knowledge of the city is by far the most extensive I am privy to 🗽

cooksfallslodge@travelinggentleman up close of this beauty. I have some post cards with an early 1920s automobile parked in front!! Stunning!

travelinggentleman@cooksfallslodge Absolutly wonderful

cooksfallslodge@travelinggentleman Thank you.