389475_4204499703262_1442232729_n.jpg                                                          ~OUR FAMILY LODGE~ 1899

Mountain Lake Hotel prior to becoming Cooks Falls Lodge:

Cooks Falls attracted tourist starting in the late 1800’s.  In May of 1904, The Downsville News reported that the Cooks Falls post office was enlarged in anticipation of the great amount of summer boarding business for the coming season.  In June of 1906, The Downsville News reported that, “V.A. Francisco, proprietor of the Mountain Lake Hotel
at Cook’s Fall, was in Walton getting his big house ready for summer guests.

When it is all completed it will accommodate over 300.  He will have it ready this year for 275.  His dining room will seat 360. Forty-two rooms are furnished with private baths. Mr. Francisco went into the summer hotel business in 1893 and has steadily increased his business ever since.  Last year he had 150 summer guests and turned away as many more.”

The hotel was later sold to G.I. Treyz.  The Downsville News reported that Treyz sold the hotel to a “New York party on contract for a price said to be $20,000 in 1919  (my family). The hotel operated under the names of Mountain Lake Hotel, Cooks Falls Lodge and the Cooks Falls Casino.  The hotel employed many local residents and also is remembered for their dining room and wonderful dances that were hosted at the hotel.  The old hotel was purchased by Nicnor Martinez and Miguel Rodriguez of North Bergen, New Jersey and was going through renovations when a fire destroyed the structure in 1985.”

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