~Two more Top Towers added~ ca. 1906

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Mountain Lake House, Cooks Falls NY.  c. #1906 – AKA Cooks Falls Lodge. 

Now the two #top towers had been added (re: last post with one top tower) and in all her glory, she is open for business, no longer “simply” a residence.  Rare color postcard, the closest to what I assume are the buildings proper hues to the facades.  Some postcards are quite pink in comparison.  The casino to the right held #soirees, #theatre shows and those extraordinary special events, the Masquerade balls!! To the left, the M.E. Church.  GRAND!! The start of building *1899ishy…ongoing research, it opened for business in 1906.  No longer or ever again to be a private home.  #artnouveau #decorativearts #19thcentury. 1890*1910 #beauxarts

~One Top Tower~ ca. 1904

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Mountain Lake House, #cooksfallsny.  c. #1904 – AKA Cooks Falls Lodge.

At this time, only one #toptower.  By #1906, there would be two more added, one at each end of the roof.  Clara is telling Will in Brooklyn, she is having a glorious time, enjoying beautiful weather. She is attending the #Masquerade tonight. Sweltering in August, just imagine. The hotel threw these extravagant #soirees all the way through my families proprietorship too (1919-1936) !! How elegant, how fun, #timetraveler dreamy!! 👸 #thecatskills

Geo I. Treyz General Merchandise and Post Office

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Close up follow up to last post!! The #Cooksfalls Geo I. Treyz General Merchandise and Post Office.  c. earliest 1900’s. Right across the #Beaverkillriver from Cooks Falls Lodge!! Also the #Treyz family General Store.  Their oldest living relative, a gentlemen,has no info for me about my family. He was born in 1940. Nice man, left me a voicemail. Picturing my grandparents, my mother, uncle and extended family here is sweetness to my eyes!! We all came from somewhere…#genealogy…someone’s gotta do it!! #familyhistory.

Business Section, Cooks Falls, NY.



Looking like the earliest 1900’s to me.  Possibly latest 1800’s.  Right across the #BeaverkillRiver from Cooks Falls Lodge… #cooksfalls town!! I’ve been trying to pin point the date of exact completion of the Lodge.  Found a postcard with the late 1800’s dated.  1899.  Still not sure.  Making many a call to the area in #theCatskills, trying to locate #descendants of this time in my #familyhistory.  Lot’s of dead people, sadly

~Cooks Falls Lodge~

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Cooks Falls Lodge in Cooks Falls, NY.

~~ The Lodge was a process in years to it reaching final glory. Starting approx. in 1899-1900 and opened for business in 1906. Built by V.A. Francisco (was a home for himself) it could accommodate over 300 guest in individual rooms, many with private baths or with shared baths on individual wings of the building.

The dining room would seat 360 and was festooned with heavy gold brocade draperies. The hallways were adorned with massive mirrors and art works. Each newel post on the stairways were topped with cherubs carved into the wood. The Lodge boasted about its indoor plumbing which was supplied by an artesian well. The water went to the top floor and was gravity fed to the lower floors of the building.

Many local people were employed to take care of the numerous patrons of the Lodge and accompanying casino over its seventy-eight -year history. The Lodge was advertised in the Railroad’s Summer booklet and many visitors took the train up from the Metropolitan areas to this Kosher establishment. Guests could be seen strolling down the Main Street of Cooks Falls, some even wearing their mink coats. (Many mink coats were rented for the vacation in the Catskills.)

There were tales of nude sunbathing at a three-sided enclosed dock area on the Mountain Lake above the Hotel. Guest were also entertained with games, talent shows, concerts and dances at the Casino as well as numerous other entertainments during their stays at the Lodge.

V.A. Francisco sold the mammoth edifice to G. I. Treyz and in 1919 he sold the resort to Nestor Alzerez and his brother John Alzerez from the Bronx for $20,000. The last owner of the old hotel was Nicnor Martinez and Miguel Rodriguez of North Bergen, New Jersey and when the hotel was going through renovations a fire destroyed the structure in 1985 ending this seventy- eight-year old business in Cooks Falls. 

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